Hidden masterpiecesHidden masterpieces


Go on a hunt for hidden masterpieces. You won’t find them in centuries-old cellars or abandoned houses, but you will find them below the surface of world famous paintings. Professor Koen Janssens is developing scanning techniques that make it possible to look straight through paintings and see which colours are present just below the surface. In Behind the Science, take a look over the shoulder of famous artists and discover what they initially sketched or painted on their canvas before they created the picture as we know it today.


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The University of Antwerp and the National Geographic Channel will take you behind the scenes of groundbreaking research. Literally. Take a look with us at a Van Gogh painting and discover: a second Van Gogh. Descend into the sewers of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels and see how inhabitants’ drug abuse is exposed. Discover the potential role of gold and the world’s most powerful microscope in the fight against cancer. Explore new routes that the transport sector can travel down and find out if woodchips can save the world.


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