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What do you do when you’re stuck in a traffic jam? Sing along full voice with the radio or swear at the lorries that are taking up the whole road? Well, you’re right. After all, a quarter of all lorries on the road are empty and the rest are only 57% full. This inefficiency is not only bad for traffic, but it’s also bad for the economy and our environment. The University of Antwerp logistics specialists agree wholeheartedly. Watch this broadcast and see how logistics specialists try to go down an environmentally-friendly route with the transport sector, whether by road, rail, air or water.


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The University of Antwerp and the National Geographic Channel will take you behind the scenes of groundbreaking research. Literally. Take a look with us at a Van Gogh painting and discover: a second Van Gogh. Descend into the sewers of Antwerp, Amsterdam and Brussels and see how inhabitants’ drug abuse is exposed. Discover the potential role of gold and the world’s most powerful microscope in the fight against cancer. Explore new routes that the transport sector can travel down and find out if woodchips can save the world.


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The University of Antwerp wants to pass on knowledge to all its students. This is its job, which it does with passion. A second passion, that is at least every bit as great as the first is to produce knowledge.

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